Heat Sensitive Urinal Stickers

Heat sensitive urinal stickers using special ink that changes colour from black to clear upon urination, revealing a message or graphic.

A Male enters the men’s room. He notices a nondescript sticker applied to the urinal. His curiosity gets the better of him and he urinates on the sticker. Just like magic an image appears before his eyes! After our Heat sensitive urinal stickers hit the urinals at the MCG and at other large Australian sporting events, things started to ‘heat up’ for this product.

The Heat Sensitive Urinal Sticker is a fun, unique, and unforgettable advertising tool. Guaranteed to get guys returning from the men’s room and telling their mates to check it out too! Not limited to Australia, our customers from Germany, USA, Canada and New Zealand have also realised their potential. Developed by us from the ground up, and made 100% here in Australia.